Bella allows DV and HDV recording to iPod

from a Bella press release

LAS VEGAS, NV, NAB 2006: Bella Corporation, known for its innovative and award-winning video editing keyboards, today

introduced its newest product: Catapult. Catapult is the world’s first device to allow capture of video footage from DV or

HDV video cameras directly to iPods or virtually any USB drive, and begin editing immediately. A battery powered device not

much larger than a Blackberry, the Catapult eliminates the time consuming and tedious task of digitizing video footage.

Unlimited Storage

By offering a standard USB 2.0 connection, the Catapult has been designed to take advantage of many popular storage

devices. With this in mind, the Catapult has a convenient piggy-back neoprene pouch designed to hold an iPod or even a 2 and

a half inch USB drive. For those with greater storage needs, virtually any USB 2.0 drive system can be connected, including

multiple terabyte systems.

Advanced Features Expand Functionality

Catapult adds exciting features to capturing digital video including time lapse and trigger-based events, as well as pre

and post record functionality all of which are impossible to achieve with standard tape-based recording methods.

Time Lapse Recording<

The completely configurable Time Lapse feature allows the recording of frames of video at specific intervals. For example,

recording only a few frames per minute would show a flower blooming, while a longer duration could be used to document

building at a construction site.

Remote Trigger Allows More Freedom in Filming

The Catapult offers Remote Trigger Recording, which allows either a remote switch or a motion detector to trigger

recording on the Catapult. This can be particularly useful in recording nature and wildlife events, and also for surveillance


Pre & Post Record

Pre-record and Post-record settings are two of the most exciting features of Catapult. With the Pre-record setting, users

can set Catapult to begin recording for a preset amount of time prior to actually hitting the "record" button on

the camera. This is feature is great for use with live action, such as sporting events allowing you to capture that winning

point every time.

The Post-record setting is useful when used in conjunction with a remote trigger, such as a motion detector. For example,

to record hummingbirds visiting a feeder, the motion sensor would prompt the Catapult to begin recording, and the Post-record

feature would allow recording to continue for a pre-determined amount of time.

Extended Recording Time

Utilizing built-in rechargeable batteries, the Catapult is capable of continuous recording in excess of three hours. The

Catapult can also be powered with the included AC adaptor.

Easily Set Up With Presets Included

The Catapult can be configured using either a Windows or Macintosh computer. The Catapult "Configurator" allows

you to save settings for up to four presets that can easily be accessed "in the field" on the Catapult.

Broad Compatibility

The Catapult is designed to work with DV and HDV format cameras that include a FireWire connection, such as those from

Sony, Canon, JVC, and Panasonic.

Pricing and Availability

The Catapult will be available in the second half of 2006 and will be priced under $300.

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