$99 fully-featured DVD recorder from Lite-On

Reprinted from a Lite-On press release:

$99 fully-featured DVD recorder from Lite-On

Lite-On has just announced a new fully-featured DVD recorder that will be available at retail for $99 beginning in October. In addition, Lite-On is offering a $20 manufacturer’s rebate bringing the total cost of the new DVD recorder to $79.00!

The LVW-1105 makes it so easy to preserve treasured moments on any DVD+R/+RW and DVD-/-RW media while alleviating any concerns about which DVD media will work with the unit. It uses Lite-On’s exclusive “Easy Guider” menu system for simplifying essential DVD Recorder operations and includes a DV Link port to easily transfer digital video from the camcorder directly to a DVD for digital archiving and years of viewing enjoyment.

The unit also supports MPEG-4 for viewing movies downloaded from the Internet on TV sets.

Lite-On is also introducing two additional DVD recorders: the LVW-5115 and LVC-9015 and a new Double Layer DVD burner with built-in LightScribe software.

LVW-5115 ($129.99)

  • DivX Certified Software for watching video downloads from the Internet on TV sets
  • Easy Guider on screen navigation for easy, step-by-step procedure for dubbing, recording and playback functions
  • VCR+ Plus
  • DV Link for easy transfer of digital video to DVD
  • Dual Format recorder capable of recording to all DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW or CD-R/RW discs
  • 480p progressive scan that delivers razor sharp video images to maximize the viewing experience
  • LVC-9015 ($199.00)

  • DVD / VCR Recorder combo unit makes transferring video from VHS to DVD fast and easy
  • Lite-On exclusive All-Write technology records to virtually any recordable disc
  • VHS playback in Progressive Scan mode for maximum playback quality
  • VCR+ Plus
  • Easy Guider on screen navigation system for step-by-step instructions for dubbing, recording and playback functions
  • New Optical Drives

    SHM-165H6S/SX LightScribe DVD burner ($89.99 internal model / $129.99 external model)

  • 8x DVD+RW Double Layer burning speed (4x DVD-RW Double Layer speed)
  • Built-in graphics software allows user to silkscreen any type of artwork right onto the face of the CD or DVD
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