Artbeats Adds Military Collections to Stock Footage Offerings

Reprinted from a Artbeats press release:

Artbeats, a renowned leader in providing unique and hard to obtain royalty-free stock footage, today unveiled two new military collections entitled Road to Baghdad and Tanks at the 2005 National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB), booth SL1219. Featuring compelling footage of combat, tank firing, night vision firing and combat sequences, Artbeats’ new military collections capture the heroism and reality of war in high definition (HD).

“We worked with B. Sean Fairburn, the only US Marine combat director and cinematographer positioned on the front line who had access to acquiring this type of HD footage,” said Phil Bates, president of Artbeats. “Using Sony’s CineAlta F-900 HD camera, Fairburn was able to obtain incredibly clear and realistic footage that provides an inside look into war and offers a valuable historical archive.”

Descriptions of Artbeats’ two new military collections are as follows:

Road to Baghdad features 27 clips of actual war footage shot on HD cameras by marines on the Iraqi front line. This collection not only offers fighting and aftermath imagery, but the reaction of many of the citizens of Iraq toward the United States and Coalition Forces.

Tanks offers 40 action packed clips of military tanks speeding through the desert, loading and firing mortars, ‘night vision’ shots and dramatic imagery of M1A1 tank gun firing, smoke screens and more.

To shoot the truly captivating footage available in Road to Baghdad and Tanks, Sean Fairburn traveled with the Lead Ground Combat Element of the Marine Corps in its strike into Baghdad to facilitate regime collapse. To protect his camera from the desert elements, Fairburn taped the seams with brown gaff tape. Fairburn Shot 60 HDCAM tapes filled with marines in day and night battles; grunts clearing buildings; tanks destroying rockets; giant mine clearing line charge explosions (MCLC); and more.

“Artbeats’ military collections contain imagery of pure heroism and truth,” comments Fairburn, director/HD cinematographer with Role Model Productions LLC and HD Gunner LLC. “It was an honor to have the opportunity to document the gallantry of the marines on the battlefield during such an historic time.”

Pricing and Availability
Road to Baghdad contains 27 clips and is priced at USD $699 for SD; USD $899 for HD (both volumes). Tanks includes 40 clips and is priced at USD $499 for SD; USD $799 for HD (both volumes). Both collections are available in HD-1920×1080, NTSC and PAL resolutions. For more information, or to view clips from these collections, visit Artbeats’ Web site at:

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