ERG Announces HD Color Monitors for Sony HDV Camcorders

Reprinted from an ERG press release:

HDV camcorder users will soon enjoy the award-winning ERG HD monitor’s color accuracy and high resolution image. ERG Ventures has introduced the HDM-EV85 8.4-inch monitor, specifically designed for the revolutionary HDV camcorder, SONY HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1. The 8.4-inch monitor’s high resolution will relieve HDV users from using a small on-board LCD monitor to view high quality HD contents.

The HDM-EV85 offers enhanced color, frame markers and a convenient memory preset function. More importantly, its HD analog input enables SONY’s HDV camcorder to connect to the HDM-EV85 directly. This affordable monitor will accept most popular video image formats; 1080i, 1080psf and 720p. In addition, the HDM-EV85 power unit is compatible with the HDV camcorder’s 7.2V battery. The monitor, with two 7.2V batteries lasts for two and half to three hours.

"We are very excited to offer our new HDM-EV85 HD monitor to HDV users," said Mr. Mitsutaka Yoshida, President and CEO of ERG Ventures. "The new HDV camcorder will definitely expand HD’s horizons, ensuring that users will enjoy this next generation technology. The HDM-EV85 is the most affordable HD monitor, among ERG HD monitors, and will contribute to a new level of HD video production. At ERG, we take pride in offering the finest high-resolution products. It is our mission to serve all the industry professionals in the HD field."

The HDM-EV85 display panel has a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels, and its 8.4-inch LCD screen will enable HDV camcorder users to precisely focus the shooting image and check the image angle with various marker functions, such as a 16:9 frame marker. Also, the HDM-EV85’s clarity and image quality can be used as a quality control monitor.

Other advantages of the HDM-EV85 include: an active LCD area that displays 16.77 million colors by having 8 bits per RGB; each LCD is shipped only after color adjustment optimization to reduce the incompatibility between CRT and LCD monitors; Color Temperature controls (6500K and 9300K); an Aspect Ratio function that correctly displays the originally recorded image; a Gamma Adjustment function which correctly lightens the image to help facilitate the monitoring process; a180 degree rotatable display; an SD analog composite input, a large-size tally signal light, and a SONY12V-battery mount are available as options.

The HDM-EV85 will be demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show (NAB), April 16-21, 2005 in Las Vegas at booth SU10134.

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