Streamload Announces New Streaming Service

Reprinted from a Streamload press release:

Streamload, the pioneer in personal online content distribution, today begins offering customers a next-generation service to send, receive, and access digital media and data files of any size, with virtually unlimited storage capacity. The new suite of Streamload enhancements includes a clean, easy-to-use interface, advanced features to optimize and streamline the transfer of large files, and a completely redesigned website that improves navigation. Streamload’s service includes industry-first capabilities, like remote downloading of files between home and work computers and quick conversion of file formats to optimize the speed of file transfer between family, friends and colleagues.

“These enhancements make Streamload even easier to use and more flexible to meet a wide breadth of customer demands. We believe anywhere, anytime access to files is increasingly important with the amount of photographs, MP3s, digital video recordings and large graphics being stored and shared,” said Steve Iverson, co-founder and CEO of San Diego-based Streamload. “We hope the new Streamload will inspire our users to do even more with their digital files.”

With the exponential growth of digital technology and devices, consumers are accumulating massive amounts of memory-intensive files. Traditional technologies – FTP, email, hard disks — for transferring and storing large files online have not evolved to meet the growth of digital files. Even new services like Google’s Gmail are unable to send large files because of attachment size limitations. Streamload is built on a proprietary and innovative storage technology that provides users with a personal, secure online digital library and the foundation for sending, receiving, accessing and streaming large files over the Internet without limitations on size or storage.

New Streamload features and enhancements include:

  • Online User-Interface – File access and management are highly intuitive with Streamload’s new-interface. It consolidates action buttons into drop down menus, organizes file folders into recognizable icons and makes sending, receiving and management of files simple.
  • Web Site Design – Streamload’s new Web site improves navigation, clarifies service and pricing options for new users, and makes it easy to interact with other Streamloaders and the Streamload service, through tip sharing, interactive service polls and online contests.
  • Advanced Features – Streamload users can remotely download large files from a work computer to a home computer; easily convert files to formats that optimize the speed of sending and sharing; and save entire Web sites while maintaining access to active links.

    As a completely hosted service, Streamload is available through any Internet connected PC and requires no additional hardware or software investment for users. More information about Streamload, new service enhancements, and becoming a Streamload user can be found at

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