Maxell Adds 50-pack DVD-R and DVD+R Spindles To Line

Reprinted from a Maxell press release:

Maxell Corporation of America has extended its comprehensive line of recordable DVD media with new 50-Pack spindles of DVD-R and DVD+R media.

“The DVD format has been unique among new technology introductions for how quickly it has been embraced by almost every distribution channel and how early in the product cycle consumers and end users have demanded larger pack sizes,” said Peter Brinkman, vice president of marketing for Maxell, who added that already more than 40% of purchases of DVD packs are in spindle configurations. “Our new 50-pack spindle packaging meets widespread consumer and end-user demand that reflects higher usage levels. It also provides excellent value to the consumer while giving the retailer a product with a larger cash register ring and greater on-shelf impact.”

Available in September, the new large-pack size DVD media features Maxell’s distinctive and informative packaging design that emphasizes brand, DVD format, capacity and writing speed. This design strategy is further enhanced by a dynamic new color system intended to make format selection easy, while providing a look that supports the overall brand communication.

On the back of the new 50-Pack spindle packaging, Maxell provides a comprehensive icon-based information panel that features descriptions of recording and playback compatibility along with graphs depicting video recording times in various playback modes and hardware compatibility. The back panel also highlights Maxell’s live toll free 24/7/365 tech support hotline, which is market-leading and an industry first.

Maxell’s DVD-R and DVD+R media will record up to two hours of content.

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