Philips Announces New Products for Holiday Season

by Marshal Rosenthal

With so many new products, you’d think Philips was jolly Saint Nick come a’calling months early. But while the summer sun warms your body, the Ambilight FlatTV line will warm your eyes through its unique backlighting that matches the “look” of on-screen images; producing cool blue hues as water ripples by, or fiery red as a vivid sunset presents itself. Plus who needs mistletoe when you’ve the Key Ring Camcorder to play MP3 and capture 2.0 megapixel digital images and MPEG-4 video? And you can check out your holiday look courtesy of the Mirrorvision LCD TV — which doubles as a mirror when viewers aren’t watching. And to get into the holiday mood by picking up the RC9800i remote that lets you control devices as well as digital content and has built in Wi-Fi capabilities.

Add new DVD recorders with new features for personal recording, such as the HDRW720 whose hard drive can record up to 130 hours of recording and includes the Guide Plus+ on-screen TV Guide — and it’s definitely ho-ho-ho time.

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