Sharp Announces New Hard Drive-Equipped Set-Top DVD Recorders

Reprinted from a Sharp press release:

With more camcorders being sold than ever, users are seeking better ways to edit, store and share the precious memories they capture. Sharp Electronics Corporation introduces two new additions to its line of recordable DVD products that make it easy to transfer home movies from a camcorder onto DVD. The new recordable DVD player (model DV-SR3U) and a recordable DVD model with a built-in hard drive (model DV-HR300) will allow consumers to easily record and store favorite TV shows and other programming.

“Now that consumers are familiar with the superior picture quality and ease-of-use of DVD players, they are also demanding full-featured DVD recorders that let them replace a VCR,” said Bob Pleyer, Manager, Digital Media Devices, Sharp. “The DV-HR300 has simple editing features for those who want to create a highlight DVD of a babys first year, a wedding, a summer vacation or any other event that can be played back on virtually any DVD player.”

Recordable DVD with Hard Disc Drive (model DV-HR300)
Sharps newest recordable DVD player has an internal hard disc drive (HDD) that can record and store more than 100 hours of programming, so consumers can record a full season of several shows and watch them anytime. The DV-HR300 combines an 80GB hard disc drive and a DVD-R/RW recorder to create the ultimate all-in-one viewing, recording and storage device. Users will appreciate the high-speed dubbing, CD/MP3 playback and simultaneous recording/playback. The unit provides convenient and simplified programming with VCR Plus+ and has a DV Terminal with i.Link so consumers can digitally transfer video directly to DVD. Searching for a specific moment on a disc is made easier on the DV-HR300 with the “High Speed Access” thumbnail view and Quick Search functions.

Progressive-Scan Recordable DVD Player (model DV-SR3U and DV-HR300U)
Sharps new DVD recorders deliver unsurpassed picture quality and ease of use for simple DVD recording and viewing. With one-touch digital video recording for long-term digital archiving and progressive scan functionality for better picture quality than standard DVD players, the DV-SR3U is ideal for preserving and archiving digital photographs and home videos, in addition to viewing the latest movies. Users can easily search through discs via the enhanced Disc Navigation System with thumbnail display, which includes a Title Menu and instant access to the recorded table of contents. The DV-SR3U and DV-HR300U allow for easy searching and replay at any time with one-touch rewind or immediate return to the main menu.

About Sharp DVD Recorders
Both the DV-HR300 and DV-SR3U use re-writeable DVDs that can be recorded on more than 1,000 times, delivering more than six hours of programming or 4.7 gigabytes (GB) of data storage. Consumers can record on DVD-R and DVD-RW, and play back DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-Video, CD-DA, CD-R/RW, audio CDs, video CDs and MP3 files. High quality audio processing includes Dolby Digital and Digital Theater Systems (DTS). Additionally, all of Sharps recordable DVD players comply with all available copy protection technologies.

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