Memorex Announces 8X DVD Burner

Reprinted from a Memorex press release:

Memorex delivers the fastest DVD recording that technology has to offer with new Memorex 8X DVD media. Consumers can trust the number one brand in digital media to burn home movies, favorite music, family photos and vital data in half the time of 4X media — the fastest burn time and the highest performance available.

Available now in DVD+R and DVD-R formats, Memorex is among the first to meet the demand for higher speed optical media and bring 8X DVD media to the retail shelf. Consumers can now record a full two hours of video in approximately 10 minutes — making Memorex 8X DVD media the fastest way to save movies, music and data on DVD discs.

“With the new Memorex 8X DVD media, we are allowing consumers to significantly cut the time spent converting old VHS tapes to DVD, making back- up copies of their favorite motion pictures, editing and saving precious digital photos, and storing data and audio files,” said Brad Yeager, senior product marketing manager for digital media. “For its capacity and versatility, DVD media is the ideal solution for millions of consumers to save important data and precious memories for the future.”

Memorex 8X DVD discs complement Memorex’s high-performance, award-winning DVD recorders. Delivering the utmost in speed, performance, and reliability, Memorex 8X DVD recorders are available through major national retailers.

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