Total Training Releases Total Training for Adobe After Effects 6

Reprinted from a Total Training press release:

Total Training, a recognized leader in the production and distribution of video-based training for some of the industry’s most popular software programs, today announced that it has launched its newest title: Total Training for Adobe After Effects 6.

The series covers virtually every aspect of working with Adobe’s newly released After Effects 6, the latest incarnation of its sophisticated animation and effects package. With special emphasis on the features new to version 6, Total Training offers in-depth video instruction on such components as Adobe’s new text animation system, integrated paint tools, a completely revamped Motion Tracker, a professional new Keying Filter, and many exciting new effects.

“This new release of After Effects 6.0 is the most exciting from Adobe in years,” said Brian Maffitt, Chief Creative Officer of Total Training and one of the co-presenters of the new series. “The new type tools are worth the upgrade by themselves, so of course we spend a lot of time focusing on them in the new series. I can’t wait to see what people come up with once they understand how the tools work.”

Apparently, the users are just as enthusiastic. According to Suzanne Hemphill, senior designer at Daniel+Douglas+Norcross, “There is no better training for After Effects than Total Training. I work for an ad agency, and Total Training has been my continuing education department to help keep me on top of all the new software. I always know that when I order a series from Total Training, it will be of the highest quality and most definitely teach me something new.”

Total Training has been developing training for every generation of Adobe After Effects since version 3.1 and is recognized as a leader in training for Adobe products – not only by users, but by Adobe as well. As a testament to this fact, Adobe commissioned Total Training to produce an Adobe After Effects 6 “Video Workshop” disk, which is included free in the box with the software, to give new buyers a head start with its relatively brief, but instructive training. The CD contains two and a half hours of video content, largely covering After Effects and how it works with Adobe’s other digital video software products, such as Premiere, the company’s video editing application.

The complete training series, led by both Maffitt and animation expert Steve Holmes, offers video professionals and enthusiasts four in-depth sets of content: The Fundamentals; Animation & Special Effects; 3D, Expressions, Text & Design; and Compositing & Advanced Effects. The complete series is currently available from Total Training or its resellers at a recommended retail price of $549.

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