Canopus Announces EDIUS 1.5 Upgrade to be Available in September

Reprinted from a Canopus press release:

Canopus Corporation today announced EDIUS 1.5, an upgrade to the company’s new nonlinear editing application. New features include improved bin folder structure and search capabilities for enhanced clip organization and management; realtime support of 32-bit uncompressed video with alpha channel support allowing editors to insert clips made using applications such as Cool3D directly onto the video track and play back in realtime; enhanced timeline management features, including batch delete, which lets users select multiple clips on the timeline and delete them at once; and the ability to relink missing clips to the project for easier updating.

This upgrade will be available early September 2003. Video professionals have until August 31, 2003 to save $300 by purchasing EDIUS for the special introductory price of $299. Registered users can then upgrade to version 1.5 in September through a free download from the Canopus Web site. The suggested retail price of EDIUS is $599.

For exceptional dual-monitor performance, Canopus is offering EDIUS bundled with the company’s Spectra WF17 dual-monitor graphics card for $399 (offer ends August 31, 2003). Featuring the Nvidia GeForce4 MX 460 graphics processor with 64MB of DDR SDRAM running at 550MHz, Spectra WF17 provides fast, steady performance. The Spectra WF17 is an ideal solution for the ultimate EDIUS editing suite.

EDIUS supports the company’s acclaimed DVRex RT and DVStorm lines of editing solutions and delivers unprecedented productivity and flexibility by offering unlimited video and audio tracks, unlimited graphics and title layers, the ability to transition between multiple video tracks, voiceover recording, 3- and 4-point editing for even greater flexibility, multi-format conversion capabilities and realtime output – all in a fresh graphical user interface that makes it easy to create powerful, professional video and audio content.

EDIUS integrates Canopus’s proprietary effects technology to provide editors with an advanced level of artistic creativity. EDIUS offers 27 realtime video filters, including White/Black Balance, Color Balance, High Quality Blur and Region. In addition, there are realtime Chroma Key and Luma Key capabilities for use in compositing. EDIUS also features a fully customizable 2D/3D Picture-in-Picture effect. All effects in EDIUS are easily adjustable and may be combined to produce hundreds of customizable effects.

EDIUS includes Xplode for EDIUS and EDIUS FX, Canopus’s advanced realtime 2D and 3D video effects engines. These effects packages harness the power of Canopus Effects Technology to create stunning, professional-quality video transitions. With more than 40 transition groups to choose from, each with customizable options and numerous presets, Xplode for EDIUS and EDIUS FX provide enough power for even the most demanding video editor.

EDIUS is capable of unlimited simultaneous realtime titles and graphics layers. The motion and opacity controls in EDIUS allow users to stack multiple title layers for greater creativity. EDIUS’s Title Motion Filter effects include Blur, Dissolve, Slide, Wipe and Laser. EDIUS also includes Inscriber TitleExpress to quickly and easily create polished, high-quality video titles. Editors can choose from more than 170 pre-designed titling templates, then simply type in their own text. In addition to templates, editors have the freedom to generate their own titles.

The output quality of a completed video project is just as important as the editing process. EDIUS addresses this by providing fast, high-quality, multiple format export capabilities with technology featured in Canopus’s highly acclaimed conversion software package ProCoder. ProCoder LE – EDIUS Edition lets users rapidly export to MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QuickTime RealVideo and Windows Media formats, in addition to Canopus’s own DV AVI format.

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