NPD: Pinnacle Studio DV is Top-Selling DV Editing Solution

Reprinted from a Pinnacle Systems press release:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Pinnacle Systems, Inc. announced today that Pinnacle Studio was the number one digital video editing product in the U.S. with consumers and publication reviewers for the second year in a row. According to NPD Intellect (formerly PC Data), Pinnacle Studio DV was the leading 1394/FireWire card in both sales and unit volume in 2001. At the same time Pinnacle Studio products received dozens of editors’ choice awards by publication and web site reviewers both in the U.S. and around the globe.

Following the August 2001 release of Pinnacle Studio version 7, the software-only version of Pinnacle Systems’ award-winning digital video editing product was also at the top of the sales chart and has received two consecutive Editor’s Choice Awards from PC Magazine as well as major recognition by the video and PC industry’s leading consumer and trade publications, including PC World’s Best Buy award and the prestigious EISA award for Best Video Editing Product. During the August – December 2001 period, NPD Intellect’s software figures show Pinnacle Studio version 7 moving from number three in sales to number one.

Released in the same time frame, Pinnacle’s next-generation DV product, Studio DV version 7, was released and added to the momentum, quickly becoming the leading digital video editing solution.

With three products in NPD’s 2001 top-ten list (Studio DV, Studio DV version 7 and DV200), Pinnacle Systems’ share of the consumer market for digital editing solutions rose to more than 41 percent.

About Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio lets users capture video into their PC from a variety of sources including 1394/FireWire ports, Webcams and TV Tuner/video capture cards. It combines a simple, drag and drop interface with professional features such as fast/slow motion, custom audio, over 100 transitions including Hollywood FX 3D effects, advanced color correction, contrast and brightness control. Pinnacle Studio also includes instant previews and SmartCapture — features that are not found in many similar products. With its SmartCapture technology, Pinnacle Studio saves disk space — an entire DV tape can be captured in as little as 360MB. Once the video is completed, Pinnacle Studio users can save their video in a variety of formats for Internet, PC and CD sharing including AVI, MPEG1 & MPEG2, RealVideo8 and Windows Streaming Media.

Pinnacle Studio version 7 is available as a software-only product for $99.99; Studio DV version 7 includes a FireWire card for $129.99 and Studio AV version 7, bundles an analog video capture board with Pinnacle Studio and is available for $129.99.

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