Apple Announces Powerful New G4 Macintosh

Steve Jobs, Apple’s interim CEO, announced the company’s new G4 Macintosh computers at his Seybold keynote speech. Boasting 1MB of Level-2 cache, support for Ultra ATA/66 drives, built-in FireWire support and an AGP 2X bus, the new Macs will be available in 400MHz, 450MHz and 500MHz versions.

Available now, the 400MHz G4 system will ship with 64MB RAM, a 10GB hard disk and a CD-ROM drive for $1599. A 450MHz system with 128MB RAM, a 20GB hard drive and DVD-ROM will ship for $2499 in September, and a 500MHz model with 256MB RAM, a 27GB hard drive and a DVD-RAM drive will be available in October for $3499.

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