On-Camera Lights for Portable Video Cameras

In our News & Technology segment, Derek has some exciting news in the video-sharing world. Samsung has developed a phone that delivers Divix media. A new site we’re watching closely is Zudeo which supplies High Def film download with a bit torrent twist.

Mark tells us about two new AVCHD camcorders form Panasonic… and the latest release of DVD-it Pro HD by Roxio.

They also talk about some brick & mortar retail stores working to make your DVD transfers even easier… and some interesting news from MacroSystem’s Casablanca.

In our Tips & Techniques segment, Jennifer and John continue their look at lighting… today’s topic is using on-camera lights.

In this week’s “Take 20” Charlie and Mark have fun with our contributing editor, Hal Robinson’s Blooper & out-take reel called… “Hi, I’m Bob.”

In the “Hands on” segment, Charlie and Mark are back again to take a closer look at Canon’s Console software… and how it works using Canon’s XH-A1 Camcorder.