Copyright Law on Video Sharing Websites

In our News & Technology segment with Mark and Derek, It’s the “Battle of the Titans” over video-sharing. Telecom networks, Verison and Comcast, are getting into the video sharing business. Version is in talks with YouTube, while Comcast is hoping its launch of will cut into the massive YouTube audience. YouTube was recently purchased by Google and we talk some more on what that means to the independent producer. We also provide details about a contest in which you can produce a music video for the band “Moby”.

In our Tips & Techniques segment, John and Jennifer look at some tips to shooting in low light settings and they’ll take a look at some legal and copyright issues you need to know.

This week’s “Take 20” with Charlie and John, they look at a comedic way to make a training video with “How to make a movie” by producer Joshua Moore of Bakersfield California.

In the “HANDS ON” segment, Mark is just back from New York and shows Charlie a new camcorder from Canon, the XH-A1.