Basic Video Editing & Camcorder Recycling Tips

In our News & Technology segment, forget the paid political commercials, YouTube has pols in their real element, uncut and uncensored. Derek and Mark will tell you about that as well as the latest news on the AMD and ATI merger… they’ll also have some more news from Adobe and Apple and tell you why you won’t be seeing Vista Inside your new computer this holiday season.

In our Tips & Techniques segment… The “Holiday Season” is when most new camcorder purchases are made. If you’re planning to upgrade, Brian Peterson and Mark Mongomery have some camcorder recycling tips to bring new life to that old faithful instrument. They’ll also look at a couple quick editing tricks.

In this week’s “Take 20” Jennifer and Charlie look at a well-produced video that you’ll want to play over and over again to see “how did he DO that” when they show you “100% Compatible” video about self-duplication by John Fischer of Burnsville Minnesota.

In our new “HANDS ON” Matt York and Charlie open up a new Gateway Workstation and check under the hood.