Coiling Video Cables to Avoid Kinks & Tripod Tips

  1. News and Technology with Andrew & Mark
    • Canon delivers a one-two punch announcing a new high-definition and a new dual-layer DVD camcorder.
    • JVC and Verbatim are the first out of the gate with new dual-layer DVD-R media.
    • Contour 3D
    • Maya 8
    • Roundup of all computer manufacturers currently offering a new core 2 Duo workstation.
    • Contest updates with Filmerica and DV Guru
    • Product Prop: Hitachi DVX3300a camcorder
  2. Tips and Techniques with Jennifer & Brian
    • Unravelling the mysteries of coiling cables.
    • And some tips for your “sticks”… tripod do’s and don’ts
  3. Video Profile with Charlie & Andrew
    • Take 20
      Buttercup: The Official Trailer
      By producer Justin Kontz, of Gallup, NM
  4. Viewfinder with Matt York & Derek
    • Discussion of the metamorphism from the graphic arts to editing video.

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