Working on Computers and Gear

  1. News and Technology
    • JVC HDV camcorder
    • Blender Open Source
    • Inteli Disc
    • Intel core 2 duo
    • Sony AVCHD
  2. Tips and Techniques – Jennifer & Charlie
    TIP: Do Not Eat Silica – jo
    TIP: Seperating nuts & bolts when working on computer/gear – cf
  3. Video Profile – with: Jennifer & Brian
    Take 20
    Submission: A Bed Time Story
    Producer: Chris Boland, Cincinnati, OH
  4. Viewfinder/Community Sharing – with Derek & Matt
    • Matt visits Sony and sees the AVCHD
    • NBC DVD pre-release of new TV shows on Netflix
    • CW network creating new advertising model (push vs. pull)
    • Grouper – Logitech (webcams) partnered for near-real-time streaming
    • – pay for play that can result in a percentage payback ($14.95 entry fee)
    • Fliqz community focused, family to family sharing, very niche
    • WCAU ( in Philadelphia –
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