Syrp – Genie Mini – Hands-On Video Review

Many producers these days are a crew of one, meaning if it needs to be done, it’s being done by you and only you. Because of that, the market has many products to help the one person crew create the best video possible with no outside help. Consider this: You find yourself with only a camera and tripod, and you want to improve your production value, but have very little ability to carry around much more than you already have. What then? Not long ago, you’d have accepted it, and got the best pans and tilts your camera and tripod could offer. But with an assistant like the Syrp Genie Mini, you’re able to step up your game and only adding eight ounces to your rig.
The product is quite simple; It’s a bluetooth controlled time lapse controller that allows for automated panning. It’s controlled by an app, and will control your camera during timelapse control or pan over time shooting video in video shooting mode. It can last a long time too — over a day when in timelapse mode and upwards of five hours shooting video. When your battery is depleted, charging is done using a USB cable to a wall outlet or computer.