NewTek – Engaging Audiences in Real-Time: Best Practices for Livestreaming

    In today’s digital age, livestreaming has become a vital tool for content creators, businesses, broadcasters and communities to engage with their audiences online. However, the success of livestreaming largely depends on the quality of equipment used to produce the content.

    Join this session, run by NewTek expert Chris Burgos, as he provides valuable insights on leveraging the latest technology to create high-quality livestreaming content.

    Using real-world examples, Chris will showcase how NewTek’s IP-driven solutions have helped organizations like Fort Hays University to maintain connections and communities through sports programs, seminars, interviews, online conferences, esports broadcasts and lectures. These solutions offer crisp audio and visual quality, ensuring that the content is appealing and keeps the audience engaged.

    Whether you’re new to livestreaming or looking to improve your existing setup, this session provides a comprehensive overview of the technology that powers this phenomenon. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of best practices for livestreaming and the tools necessary to produce high-quality content that engages and excites audiences.

    Featured speakers:  Chris Burgos, Sales Enablement, NewTek (Vizrt Group)
    Chris Burgos started his journey streaming live events for colleges, sports events and corporate work but quickly rose the ranks to doing major eSports events around the US. Always focused on cool projects, he goes the extra mile to search out those smaller-scale creators who are making a difference in their slice of the world to elevate their story. With an eye for the future, he hopes to be a voice for change and educate people on why the future of streaming isn’t so scary.