NANUK N-PVD: The ultimate camera and drone bags for video shooters

It’s shoot day, and you’re just about done packing all your gear. Your hard cases are full and set for the trip to the shooting location. But here’s the thing: Fully packed hard cases aren’t exactly easy to carry around, especially while shooting. Sure, you could bring some empty bags, but that’s extra hassle for you. Thankfully, there’s a better way to travel with your gear.

Let’s face it, every video shooter needs a reliable way to carry their gear. Some opt for hard cases for their protection and mobility; others choose backpacks for their flexibility and convenience. But now video shooters get both with the NANUK N-PVD backpacks. These easy-to-use and convenient backpacks are a great on-the-go option. That’s because at the center of the NANUK Ecosystem lives N-CUBIK internal organizers and tech pouches.

With full integration, these internal organizers and tech pouches can help you store, protect, access and transport your video equipment with ease and efficiency.

Let’s take a close look at the Nanuk Ecosystem, what N-CUBIKs are and how they make the NANUK N-PVD the ultimate backpack for videography.

The NANUK Ecosystem

The NANUK Ecosystem is a system of cases, backpacks and accessories that work together to provide you with the best solution for your video gear.

They make moving your gear between cases much easier. Since you can customize your bag’s layout, you can shift your gear seamlessly and make adjustments when needed. N-CUBIKs are designed for perfect alignment with the NANUK N-PVD backpack and the NANUK hard cases. They fit snugly inside the backpack or the case, leaving no wasted space.

The NANUK N-PVD backpack

The NANUK N-PVDs’ cross-hybrid design of a hard case and a backpack makes them an incredibly reliable travel partner for video shooters. These backpacks have a rigid shell that protects your gear from whatever you encounter on your travels: water, dust, external impact and even theft. At the same time, they’re comfortable to carry. This is because they all have a soft back panel and shoulder straps that really help reduce strain on your shoulders and back.

Inside, they have a spacious main compartment. Depending on what size of the five backpacks you choose, you can fit up to three N-CUBIKs. So, you have a lot of room to customize the interior layout to your needs. There’s also a laptop sleeve, a front pocket and side pockets, so you can fit even more of your gear.

What are N-CUBIKs?

N-CUBIKs are modular storage units designed to help you customize your gear organization. Available in various types and sizes, they’re tailored to fit your needs. They’re ideal for storing cameras, lenses, drones, accessories and gadgets.

Additionally, you can carry your N-CUBIKs by their top handles or attach them to other bags or cases with hooks.

The benefits of using N-CUBIKs for video shooters

Protection for your gear

N-CUBIKs are crafted from materials designed to resist wear and tear. Their padded lids and dividers protect your gear from shock and vibration, while YKK Aquaguard zippers help prevent water and dust intrusion.

Customizable gear organization

Every videographer has their own needs. So the N-CUBIKs allow you to reconfigure, remove and rearrange dividers and pouches to your liking. This flexibility means you can design different layouts for various gear types or projects. Additionally, N-CUBIKs come with ID card windows, making it easy to label and identify each one.

Easy gear transition

N-CUBIKs simplify the process of moving your gear from a hard case to a backpack and vice versa. Just lift your N-CUBIKs out of one case and place them in another. You can also carry N-CUBIKs by their top handles or use hooks to attach them to other bags or cases.

Perfect alignment with the backpack and the hard cases

Lastly, the N-CUBIKs are tailored to fit seamlessly inside the NANUK N-PVD Backpack and NANUK hard cases. They utilize all available space without leaving any gaps. This design ensures your gear remains secure and stable inside the case.

A two-in-one travel bag for on-the-go videographers

If you are looking for a durable, convenient way to transport your video gear, look no further than the NANUK N-PVD backpack and N-CUBIK organizers.

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