Leveling up with team-based storage and asset management

    Demand for video production is skyrocketing, and the competition has never been fiercer. As your business expands with more projects, simultaneous projects in progress and an increasing catalog of completed projects that clients want to update, it’s evident that you need a storage and asset management solution tailored to your requirements. But what should you look for in such a system? Skip Levens of Quantum will guide you through an example storage and asset management system, demonstrating how your growing team and business can utilize this solution effectively.

    In this solution overview, we’ll examine key concepts such as local and remote shared storage, editing workflows, asset and production management examples and other factors to consider when organizing your content. We’ll also discuss strategies for speeding up project completion and protecting assets for economical and efficient reuse. By understanding and implementing these concepts, you can ensure your video production company stays ahead of the competition and continues to grow successfully.

    Featured speaker

    Skip Levens, Marketing Director, Media and Entertainment, Quantum

    Skip Levens is a long-time champion of building smart, collaborative creative content workflows–from asset management and editing to content library storage and protection both on-site and in the cloud. As Quantum’s Marketing Director for Media and Entertainment, Skip helps drive engagement and content for Quantum StorNext, Quantum Myriad and Quantum CatDV platforms used by the world’s largest content creators and producers. Prior to Quantum, Skip helped found two storage companies specializing in high-performance storage workflows for the media and entertainment industry and holds a patent in storage system design.

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