How Western Digital has revolutionized portable storage

When it comes to digital content creation, storage is king. With the typical 10-minute video uploaded to social media averaging about 4GB of video, content creators’ needs for high-capacity, reliable storage solutions are higher than they have ever been. However, Western Digital’s latest 6TB capacity*, 2.5-inch portable HDDs, the SanDisk® Professional G-DRIVE® ArmorATD™, WD_BLACK™ P10 Game Drive and WD® My Passport Ultra™  look to offer videographers and creators numerous options to choose from to fit their storage needs.

Western Digital positions the SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorATD, WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive and WD My Passport Ultra as applicable to numerous use cases. Let’s go over what each solution looks to offer video shooters.

On-location reliability

Those who are constantly on the go or often find themselves shooting on location need a dependable, durable storage solution. A strong build material will help protect your files from accidental drops, as well as help keep your HDD’s internal components in pristine condition. Western Digital has built the SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorATD with an aluminum enclosure and internal shock mounts. Together, these components should provide you with extensive shock and crush resistance. Plus, Western Digital designed the G-DRIVE ArmorATD with an IP54 rain/dust rating.1 All these features are essential for a durable storage HDD.

Another component you must consider when choosing a reliable HDD is its storage space and transfer rates. The SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorATD delivers up to 130 MB/s read speeds** and up to 6TB* of storage space. With this read speed and storage space, you are able to back up your footage, no matter if you’re on location or not.

Gaming storage for content creators

Gaming content creators not only need enough storage to save their gaming sessions, they also need enough storage space to keep up with their constantly expanding game library. With up to 6TB* of storage space, Western Digital positions the WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive as a go-to solution for gaming content creators. In total, the WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive can save up to 150 games.2 Most gaming creators will shift between games, trying new ones and sometimes returning to old favorites. Being able to have  these games in their library helps cut down download times and thus speeds up their production workflow. And, with extra storage space, they can help ensure their PCs still run at optimal speeds and performance levels.

Data security to help safeguard what matters most

Data security is just as important as durability and storage space when it comes to HDDs. WD’s My Passport Ultra offers videographers and content creators the security they need. The drive comes with included software3 with 256-bit AES hardware encryption and password protection. This helps protects against ransomware and keeps files safe with additional security. If you’re handling a large amount of data, it’s always a good idea to keep it safely stored. These kinds of security measures help protect your data and video files.

6TB* in a 2.5-inch portable HDD: Why it matters

The leap to 6TB* in a 2.5-inch portable HDD is a massive technological milestone. Nitin Kachhwaha, Director of Product Management at Western Digital, highlights the importance of this achievement: “Expanding our portfolio with the world’s first 2.5-inch 6TB* portable hard drive is an incredible technological achievement, and it enables us to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.” This advancement offers more flexibility to create and store more content with less restraints.

Now, with Western Digital offering 6TB* 2.5-inch portable HDDs, on-the-go videographers and content creators have more high-capacity options to pick from than ever before.

To learn more about all the new 6TB* portable hard drive offerings (including G-DRIVE ArmorATD, WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive or the WD My Passport Ultra), you can click here. 

* As used for storage capacity, 1TB = one trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less, depending on operating environment.

** 1 MB/s = 1 million bytes per second. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending upon host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors. 

1. IEC 60529 IP54: Based on internal testing. Tested to withstand water splashing against the enclosure; limited dust contact does not interfere with operation. Must be clean and dry before use.

2. Number of games based on a 36GB average per game. The number of games will vary based on file size, formatting, other programs, and factors.

3. Download and installation required. Terms and conditions apply. User account registration may be required.

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