How to easily and affordably produce broadcast-quality graphics for live streaming

With the increasing popularity of live streaming, productions of all sizes have to step up their quality in order to stand out and engage audiences. One way to accomplish this, just as the major TV networks do, is to incorporate visually appealing broadcast-quality graphics and data.

In a world of viewer fatigue, live graphics and data presented in visually appealing ways will help you communicate your message and capture your audience’s attention. Titler Live 5 Present delivers affordable, broadcast-quality graphics and video overlays for businesses, classrooms, event production studios, religious gatherings, town halls, virtual meetings, and more. 

Titler Live 5 Present 

Titler Live 5 offers new ways to integrate your data, bring in your video and gives you a new powerful playout interface that will transform your live productions. Easily prepare dynamic graphics by connecting to Google Slides and Sheets, Excel spreadsheets and tables, RSS feeds, clocks, and more. Engage your audience with comments, tweets, and Facebook comment and reaction polling.

Full feature set

The intuitive user interface makes working with Titler Live 5 easier than ever – including plenty of graphic templates to get you quickly started. Engage your audience with beautiful, layered productions that include combinations of images, videos, and audio. Add life to your broadcast with live video from a host of connected devices including NDI feeds, webcams, screen captures, and browser windows.

Easy to use and affordable

For video producers needing an affordable, easy-to-use, broadcast-quality live graphics solution, Titler Live 5 Present offers a complete solution. Titler Live 5 Present is easy to use, provides professional graphics and seamlessly incorporates into any live production pipeline.

Click here to learn more about Titler Live 5 Present or any of the other offerings in the Titler Live family. 

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