Get to Final Cut faster: Supercharge post-production efficiency with Sony Ci

    Are you tired of waiting for hard drives, deciphering confusing emails with timecodes, then waiting (again) for feedback? How many separate solutions do you use to gather, store, collaborate and share your files today? Join Sony’s Michael Potts for a virtual session, ” Get to Final Cut Faster: Supercharge Post-Production Efficiency with Ci Media Cloud,” to discover how Sony Ci simplifies and accelerates media processes for video editors. From camera-to-cloud integrations, lightning-fast file transfers and automatic transcoding to real-time collaboration and secure sharing, Sony Ci empowers you to streamline workflows and unleash your creativity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your post-production efficiency. Register now and unlock the true potential of Sony Ci Media Cloud!

    Featured speaker: 

    Michael Potts, Sr. Director, Customer Success & Services, Sony Ci