5 Ways to Simplify Multi-Camera Shoots for H.264 Delivery

H.264 is the most accessible codec around. It’s supported by tons of software on all OS platforms. No matter where the video will go, H.264 will work. It’s a lightweight, efficient codec that pairs well with multi-camera and source capture. Multi-camera and source capture offers simultaneous recording from cameras, computers and more. It can be used in many different applications from sports to broadcast to houses of worship, the applications are nearly endless. It can be tricky, so you will need the right knowledge and equipment to do it well.

Make sure you have a variety of inputs so you can utilize any camera

When mixing camera types, it can be difficult to get them all to work with the same piece of hardware. Being able to accept either SDI or HDMI will allow you to utilize any camcorder or DSLR you have access to. Having flexibility is key to executing the best production possible. A multi-channel recorder with simple menu routing will allow you to capture multiple sources at the same time.

When capturing, sync is easier with genlock free inputs

Having sync between your cameras is essential for presenting the best product possible. Nothing is worse than mismatched audio and video timings or even worse, audio slip! Being able to sync and mix input types from professional to consumer cameras is a huge strength and accelerates the eventual editing process. Keeping multiple sources in sync for simultaneous recording requires genlock free inputs. Genlock free inputs allow DSLRs and prosumer cameras that don’t have reference inputs to stay in sync.

Don’t transport multiple monitors

Setting up multiple monitors to preview all of your inputs adds more equipment to keep track of. Add in having to lug them around and you’ll soon be looking for a better solution. Instead, use just one monitor with multi-matrix monitoring where you are able to display all four recording channels simultaneously.

Make sure you use affordable media

Using affordable media will keep costs down so you aren’t held back by your budget. Because USB media is cheap, ubiquitous and efficient, it’s a great choice. Additionally, if you need to save on storage or increase image quality, you’ll want the ability to change the bitrate. The ability to change the bitrate of each channel would give you even more control. Lastly, make sure to protect your data by creating backup recordings.

Capture every camera

It’s great to capture your program out, but what if one of the cuts is late or there were technical difficulties with one of the cameras. Wouldn’t it be nice to edit and change the final cut? Combine line cut recordings with ISO camera recordings during the capture. This will make the final product as perfect as it can be during editing with tweaks available from source cameras, ensuring the highest-quality result.

Ki Pro GO makes live multi-channel recording easier

With four 3G-SDI and four HDMI inputs, the AJA Ki Pro GO makes multi-channel recording easier. Choose any combination of inputs for up to four channels of simultaneous recordings. It has genlock free inputs to record from professional SDI cameras along with HDMI cameras and DSLRs. Use the multi-channel Matrix monitoring for the ability to view all four recording channels on a single monitor with HDMI and or SDI. Additionally, it has selectable variable bitrate recording per recording channel. You can also choose between 10-bit and 8-bit or 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 for quality recordings. The Ki Pro GO also offers four backup recording channels along with its four primary recording channels. Plus, it has a total of five USB 3.0 recording slots with user selected recording and backup destinations.

With these tips and the Ki Pro GO you will be able to simplify your multi-camera shoots for H.264 delivery. To learn more about the AJA Ki Pro GO visit: https://www.aja.com/products/ki-pro-go

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