5 VEGAS Pro 19 features every content creator needs

Successful content creators understand the critical importance of having the right tools for the job. Editing software is no exception. You need powerful, creative software that you can depend on to help you bring your vision to life on the screen. VEGAS Pro 19 checks all the boxes with AI features, expansive color grading and truly useful visual effects. You’ll find cloud options, a wide range of format support and no need for third-party plug-ins. If you’re not already using VEGAS Pro 19, here are five reasons you should try it.

Hardware-accelerated AI editing

The hardware acceleration process pushes tasks from your computer’s CPU to your graphics card’s GPU. When you pair hardware acceleration with AI-assisted editing, the deep learning AI module can produce powerful results for all your creative projects.

One of the coolest features of the VEGAS Pro 19 AI functionality is the wide variety of Style Transfer presets. Style transfer blends your content with style references to give your video the look of famous paintings, artists, and patterns. While these functions are all important in professional filmmaking, they’re especially helpful for online content creators who are ready to get more creative. With AI, users can easily upscale low-resolution shots to create crisp video from lower resolution sources. Also, VEGAS Pro 19 can add true-to-life colors to black and white footage or images and help you apply filters, find the best angles and create smoother transitions.

Giving your videos the visual style of Van Gogh or Picasso may sound like play, but it may be exactly the flair you need to get your audience’s attention. If that doesn’t fit your style, there are plenty of tools to choose from to make the video your style. You can go for extreme dramatic edges, create the most realistic tones possible and experiment to discover new ways to appeal to your audience.

Transitions and effects 

In addition to the AI editing features, you’ll find hundreds of 2D and 3D transitions and effects at your fingertips. Working with the preset transitions is easy. From the Transitions window, simply click on a transition in the list to find the available presets. As you hover over each preset, an animated example will play. When you find the perfect transition, simply drag and drop to apply it exactly where you need it. You can even use the same transition in multiple places with just a few steps.

Similarly, you’ll find a window for Video FX for blurs, lens flares, mesh warp and glitches to help you create engaging content for any niche or project. There are dozens of wipes, dissolves, waves, reveals and cross effects to choose from. Some are designed to change your video’s colors as true filters. Other effects will manipulate your videos to reach the desired results.

Also, if you’ve spent hours filming and later find that your video is shaky or has a lot of static, VEGAS Pro 19 has solutions in the toolbox for you. Its video repair tools can make minor or major corrections, correcting stabilization, flickering, noises and more. For creators trying to turn out new content consistently, moving through these correction tasks quickly can be a huge lifesaver.

Wide range of format support 

There’s nothing more disappointing than learning about a software full of great features and then finding that it isn’t compatible with your gear. Thankfully, VEGAS Pro 19 supports a wide range of formats. In addition to the standard import formats, it supports Apple ProRes, HEVC/H.265, and RED RAW. Plus, a BETA implementation is available for Blackmagic BRAW. Many other formats are also supported. Wondering about resolutions? SD, HD, 4K and 8K are all covered as well.

Color grading panel

It’s crucial to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Most video creators understand that quality editing is often the difference between great videos and mediocre videos. However, editing can be one of the most laborious tasks, especially if you’re not working with tools that get the job done well. With the Color Grading panel in VEGAS Pro 19, the editing process can be made much easier and more efficient. Inside the panel, you can apply  input and output LUTs and color matching effects. Also, precision is even more possible with color wheels, channels, HSL controls and curves.

  • Range limited color wheel allows you to apply exactly what you need, exactly where you need it. Accurately limit your color adjustments to just the portion of your video that needs them
  • RGB color curves address the different tonal ranges of an image and how they are distributed along the curve. This helps you make subtle adjustments across shadows, midtones and highlights
  • White and black point correction can be a lifesaver when your video looks flat or dull. You can use it to adjust the tonality of your images even if you don’t have pure black or pure white in the scene
  • HSL tools give you total control over Hues, Saturation and Lightness (HSL). When your camera or lighting isn’t amazing, a few corrections here creates accurate and natural colors for skin tones, nature and more
  • Professional video scopes are High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatible. When you choose the HDR10 mode, you’ll slip into 32-bit color and the ACES 1.2 color space becomes active. You can opt for HLG or other options as well

Cloud features 

You can purchase VEGAS Pro 19 with a one-time license, but there are some extra perks if you opt for the subscription version, like cloud features. This allows you to add content to the timeline directly from your mobile devices and sync your local drives with the cloud storage, offering up to 50 GB of space. The subscription gives you instant access to 1.5 million royalty-free stock video and audio assets, too. This definitely saves money and time when you need a few extra shots to keep your videos interesting.

If you want as many people to see your video as possible, you shouldn’t overlook language and visual accessibility. VEGAS Pro 19 provides powerful speech-to-text capabilities with extra features like converting speech to subtitles and converting speech to text files. You can auto-translate text and even create synthesized voice overs into several languages to rapidly expand your audience worldwide.

Wrapping it up

Whether you’re after viral-video fame or strong, steady audience engagement, creating captivating videos is the first step. Regardless of your skill or talents with a camera, there are no videos that won’t benefit from a little bit of color, correction or creativity. The expansive tools in VEGAS Pro 19 will tackle even the biggest projects. Lean into the hardware-accelerated AI to make light work of it and upload better videos to every platform. Head to vegascreativesoftware.com to learn more.

VEGAS is one of the biggest names in post-production – the industry standard for professionals who need only the highest quality of editing tools available.

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