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Chris and Mike answer your questions. Premiere vs Final Cut Pro vs Resolve in 2020? Is now a good time to buy a camera? Should I shoot Raw? Nikon, Sony, Canon or Panasonic? What is the best way to improve my next video?

Here’s the checklist of things to do before pressing record (video).

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  1. I have been given a DVD of my son’s funeral. It was recorded in a church and you can not understand or hear the individuals. Is there a way someone can correct the sound.
    Note: This is the only copy and I can not lose it. In August there are marines who would like to watch and listen to this funeral because they were in Afghanistan at the time of the Funeral.
    SSgt Michael A Bock USMC “Silver Star” from the President of the United States
    Born September 11, 1983
    KIA August 13, 2010
    Both Navy and Marine Funeral


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