Chris and Mike attempt to answer the question: which of these two editing software giants is best? Factors considered include price, buyer persona, technical and community support, release schedules, supporting software and personal preference.


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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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  1. I do not have the Windows Operating System on my Desktop Computer. I have Linux Mint 20.1, Ubuntu Studio and Storm. Ubuntu Studio has everything needed to make and edit Video, trans-code Video, Write a Novel, edit a picture and much more. And Just for Point, the Transformer Movies, were all made and edited with Blender and Kdenlive on a Linux based Computer.

  2. Hey Chris and Mike,
    Final Cut Pro vs Premiere Pro? As you attempted “to answer the question: which of these two editing software giants is best,” did it occur to you that the question is increasing irrelevant?

    It has been generally accepted that in FCP and Premiere comparisons, the NLE used by larger-scale and union operations has been Avid and smaller production companies use Adobe.

    Indisputably, DaVinci Resolve’s market share is ever increasing among video professionals. Creative Cow routinely announces the big-time movies which were edited with Resolve. However, Resolve’s growth has been greatest among individual users: Like ME and—I would guess—like MOST OTHER READERS of Videomaker.

    Objectively, DaVinci Resolve also has a wider breadth of video editing and composition applications. Its color management tools have been the industry standard for a long time. Fusion and Fairlight are powerful and have a dedicated following. Resolve’s applications are well integrated (& becoming more tightly integrated in each new release).

    DaVinci Resolve’s collaboration capability is excellent (maybe even unparalleled). Resolve’s project sharing capability many to be the killer feature for professional film and TV post production.

    DaVinci Resolve ruins on both Macs and PCs.

    Did I mention price point? DaVinci Resolve is free (even the Studio version is only $300). As you know, FCP and Premiere aren’t owned, merely rented.

    But I’m no expert about the market share or merits of NLE features. What I do know is what I (& I would guess most of your readers) are interested in. At lease, DaVinci Resolve ought to be the third editing software giant in ALL your comparisons.

  3. Just for the record, I don’t own Blackmagic Design nor do I have any financial interest in DaVinci Resolve at all.

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