Zhiyun-tech’s WEEBILL LAB Wins Best Gimbal at CES 2019

Zhiyun-tech showcased its WEEBILL LAB gimbal at CES 2019. This small gimbal is similar to phone stabilizers but instead balances mirrorless cameras.

We got to get a good look at the WEEBILL LAB at CES, and we were impressed. It’s a unique gimbal that deserves Videomaker’s Best Gimbal of CES 2019 award. Congratulations Zhiyun-tech!

Smooth and precise capture

Zhiyun-tech equipped the WEEBILL LAB with an external follow focus motor that should support “precise and smooth” focus control for all camera systems, according to the company. With the tactical wheel on the body, it should be easy to pull focus while shooting on the go.

Additionally, the gimbal’s PhoneGo mode should power it to its maximum follow speed and help with getting more precise shots.

Zhiyun-tech’s WEEBILL LAB

Latch design

The system is constructed with a latch on each of its axes; this should make balancing really easy. You can lock certain axes while balancing the other meaning you can save your current setup for another time.

“It’s a [piece of] versatile equipment for run-and-gun filmmakers to carry around and start instant shooting anywhere anytime,” said Zhiyun-tech.

Weight and payload

The WEEBILL LAB is a very lightweight gimbal. It weighs about the same as the average phone stabilizer. However, it can handle payloads up to 3kg. That could confidently handle the current mirrorless camera and lens combos out today.

Wireless Image Transmission

The gimbals’ wireless image transmission supports real-time framing and parameter control over the camera. Smartphones, tablets and most digital devices can be used as a monitor, so you should be able to frame and take shots a lot more easily and quickly.

Also, the WEEBILL LAB’s ViaTouch Control System allows users to make various gimbal movements on your smartphone. Plus, camera settings can be adjusted as well.

Battery life

Zhiyun-tech also gave the WEEBILL LAB two Standard 18650 batteries that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. That’s definitely a plus for those working long shoots.

Pricing and availability

The WEEBILL LAB is out now for $599. To learn more about the gimbal, head to zhiyun-tech.com.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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