CES 2022: XDynamics add two new cameras to EVOLVE 2 platform

We’ve already highlighted the XDynamics Libra m4/3 handheld gimbal as a winner of our Best of CES 2022 awards. However, the Libra isn’t the only thing XD has on view at CES this week. XDynamics is also showing off two new cameras for the EVOLVE 2 m4/3 cinema drone platform: the VEGA Dual Thermal camera and the ALPHA Optical Zoom camera.

XDynamics VEGA Dual Thermal camera

The XDynamics Vega Dual Thermal camera brings new commercial and industrial applications to the EVOLVE 2 platform. The new camera combines hi-res radiometric thermal imagery with 4K video.

The Vega features both a 6mm wide-angle 4K camera and a 640×512 thermal sensor. It also has a laser range finder that can measure distances up to three-quarters of a mile. The housing is water-resistant with an IP44 rating. It can withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees C.

XDynamics ALPHA Optical Zoom camera

While the Vega is designed for thermal imaging, the new XDynamics Alpha Optical Zoom camera aims to help you get a closer look at your subject. This new camera focuses on safely gathering more information for inspections and other industrial applications.

The Alpha Optical Zoom camera features a 10x optical zoom, 1080p video recording at 60fps and an IP54 dust and weather resistance rating.

The EVOLVE 2 drone platform

Both of these new cameras from XDynamics integrate with the EVOLVE 2 cinema drone platform. The system is designed to be modular to accommodate a range of applications, from cinematography to fire fighting to inspections.

The Astra m4/3 interchangeable-lens camera was the original camera available for the system. The new EVOLVE 2 Pro-Cine Pack, also announced at CES 2022, includes the aircraft, Astra camera and a collection of lenses and accessories.

Pricing and availability

Pricing information for the Vega Dual Thermal and Alpha Optical Zoom cameras is not yet available. For the latest updates, keep an eye on xdynamics.com.

Nicole LaJeunesse
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