CES 2022: XDynamics Libra handheld gimbal wins Best Camera CES 2022

Congrats to XDynamics! This drone and gimbal maker has earned Videomaker’s Best Camera of CES 2022 award for the Libra m4/3 Handheld Gimbal.

We’ve seen many 4K cinema cameras and we’ve seen many handheld gimbals. XDynamics decided to merge the two products into one. At CES 2022 today, XDynamics Libra revealed the new XDynamics LIBRA m4/3 Handheld Gimbal, with an integrated 4K cinema camera.

What’s special about the XDynamics LIBRA m4/3 Handheld Gimbal?

Simply stated, the new XDynamics Libra is a self-contained 4K cinema camera and 3-axis gimbal system.

“We are excited to announce the new LIBRA m4/3 Handheld Gimbal camera at CES this year. The LIBRA marks our first handheld cinema camera that sports brushless 3-axis gimbal, interchangeable lenses for professional filmmakers,” said Max Claeys, XDynamics Head of Global Marketing.

This new gimbal features an integrated m4/3 sensor camera that shoots video in resolutions up to 4K and frame rates up to 90 fps. The XD Libra gimbal also offers HDR10 recording. Plus, it offers both Standard and Xlog color standards. As for the video codec, the Libra records using ProRes 422 for more flexibility in post-production.

For optics, the Libra supports a selection of interchangeable m4/3 lenses from Panasonic and Olympus. This brings welcome flexibility to the platform. Finally, a built-in smartphone mount allows for on-gimbal video preview.

Other announcements besides the LIBRA m4/3 Handheld Gimbal

Aside from the XDynamics Libra, XDynamics also introduced two new cameras for their established EVOLVE 2 drone platform at CES 2022. The EVOLVE 2 m4/3 cinema drone platform now supports the VEGA Dual Thermal camera and ALPHA Optical Zoom camera.

XD VEGA Dual Thermal camera
XD ALPHA Optical Zoom camera

These are in addition to the original Astra m4/3 camera, which can now be packaged with a slew of accessories in the EVOLVE 2 Pro-Cine Pack.

Pricing and availability

Right now, XDynamics is demonstrating the Libra m4/3 Handheld Gimbal and new EVOLVE 2 cameras at CES 2022. Unfortunately, pricing and shipping information aren’t available at this time.

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