We finally have Canon 8K Cinema Camera sample footage

BEE 2018 brought us the Canon 8K Cinema Camera, and we’ve been waiting to see it in action ever since. Now, we finally got a glimpse of what the camera can do.

Canon has released a short film titled “Roots of Japan: Origins of Japan’s Mythology.” The film’s goal is to promote tourism to Miyazaki and to preserve the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the area. All the while, the video also showcases what Canon’s 8K Cinema Camera is capable of.

For the video, the crew used Canon’s line of EF Cinema Lenses with the 8K Cinema Camera. The line of EF Cinema Lenses features everything from wide-angle lenses to telephoto lenses. You can see the video for yourself below:

What did the director think of the camera?

While working on the film, director of “Origins of Japan’s Mythology”, Ichiro Shimada, was impressed with Canon’s 8K equipment. Across six days of shooting, he was able to capture moments so well he said it takes “your breath away.”

“Of the six days we spent filming, we only had clear skies for one. But we were still able to capture the full range of Miyazaki’s graceful beauty in 8K, from Amanoyasugawara cave against the backdrop of faint rain to droplets forming outside Amanoiwato. Then on the final day, the sun finally emerged and we witnessed a miraculous sea of clouds from our vantage point at Kunimigaoka. The sublime sight of gentle drifting clouds and the soft glow of the sun is enough to take your breath away, and I feel we fully captured this in our 8K content,” Shimada said.

What Shimada really likes about the camera is its ability to capture “more true-to-life visuals.”

Canon 8K cinema camera
Canon 8K cinema camera. Image courtesy canon.com.

“Canon’s 8K technology delivers not only extremely high resolution, but also high dynamic range and rich color expression. And with the ability to record in 8K RAW, we could represent our subjects with more true-to-life visuals,” Shimada continued.

Plus, he notes it was easy to scale his 4K equipment with the Canon 8K Cinema Camera setup.

“Finally, thanks to the ease of scaling our existing 4K equipment to accommodate our workflow, we were able to film without any trouble.”

Specifics about the Canon 8K Cinema Camera are nil

Currently, there isn’t a lot of information about the Canon 8K Cinema Camera’s specs yet. We know its Super35-sized sensor should give it a resolution of 8192 × 4320 pixels. 8K recording will not be available internally, but rather through an external recorder.

Details about availability and price aren’t out yet, either. But at least we have some sample footage to hold us over.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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