This Irix 45mm T1.5 lens is made for 8K cinema cameras

Irix is adding the newly announced Cine 45mm T1.5 full-frame cine lens to its Cine line. This lens is specifically designed to shoot with Ultra HD 8K cinema cameras.

According to Irix, the 45mm T1.5 is made with a “completely new optical design.” What does that entail? Its design includes four “high refraction” glass elements, one “extra-low” dispersion lens and one aspherical lens. In total, there are 11 elements in 9 groups that potentially could deliver a very low -0.5 percent distortion.

Additionally, the lens features a circular 9-blade iris and offers T-numbers from 1.5 to 22. Irix says there is “practically” no focus breathing, which is good news for videographers.


The 45mm T1.5 is officially the third lens in the Irix Cine line. Its housing element has a diameter of 95mm and a built-in 86mm filter thread. The shape of the geared rings have been integrated into the lens housing as well. The focus and aperture rings of all the lenses are aligned with the same height and have the same rotation angle.

Irix 45mm T1.5 lens

Also, it has a magnetic mount for its reversible lens hood. It’s also there for future accessories.


In terms of the lens’ durability, the Irix 45mm T1.5 is constructed with rubber seals in “crucial points” according to Irix. That should protect the lens from rain and dust.

Features overview

  • Mid-range focal length with field of view 51,4°
  • Works with Ultra HD 8K resolution cameras
  • 11 elements in 9 groups
  • Transmittance value of T1.5 up to T22
  • Standardized 0.8 Pitch Mod Cine Gears
  • -0.5% distortion
  • Sealed construction
  • Compatibility with standard follow-focus systems and lens control motors
  • Front filter thread size 86 x 1.0 mm
  • Standard 95mm front diameter for cine accessories
  • Features a support foot
  • Magnetic Mount System
  • Built from magnesium-aluminum alloy
  • Weighs 1.1 2.42lbs

Pricing and availability

The Irix Cine 45mm T1.5 lens will be sold in four different mounts: Canon EF,
Sony E, Olympus / Panasonic MFT and Arri PL-mount. The specifics about price and release date will be announced soon.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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