These Sony noise-canceling headphones up the bass for less

Sony’s XB900N look like a cheaper version of their 1000XM3 headphones. Also, these noise-canceling headphones are promised to have much more bass now.

A downside to the WH-1000XM3 headphones was their price tag. Sure, many were very happy with these headphones. Those who bought them were impressed by the noise cancellation, build quality and even battery life. However, when you have to pay $350 for a pair of headphones, that could make anyone flinch, even if they are seemingly great headphones.

Making Sony’s noise-canceling headphones more affordable

In comes the XB900N and it cuts the 1000XM3’s price down by $100. For $250, the X8900N almost looks identical to the 1000XM3. It features the same kind of noise-canceling capabilities as its predecessor. The headphones have the same 30-hour battery life and NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, there’s a built-in microphone and touch panel controls on the headphone’s housing.

Sony’s XB900N
Sony’s XB900N. Image courtesy Sony.

What is different?

There has to be something different between the two right? One costs $100 dollars less. Well, Gizmodo notices that the new XB900N don’t contain the same noise-canceling chip as the 1000X line. They also don’t have the ability to adjust for atmospheric pressure. So, they aren’t as good for plane rides as the 1000XM3.

However, what you lose in noise-cancelation, you gain in bass. The XB900N’s bass is supposed to be increased over the 1000XM3. Which is the better tradeoff depends on what the listener wants in his or her headphones. We do know that some buyers will be able to look past lesser noise-canceling for improved bass and save $100.

Pricing and availability

Sony’s XB900N will be out at the end of June for the price of $250. You can learn more about these headphones at

Image courtesy Sony

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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