The second major update comes to the RØDECaster Pro

RØDECaster Pro is getting multitrack capabilities, enabling multitrack recording direct to microSD in its second major firmware update.

Let’s take a closoer look at the RØDECaster Pro update:

Recording multitrack to microSD cards

Multitracking to microSD allows you to record both stereo mix to podcasts to the on-board microSD card. RØDECaster already included this feature, but now users can also capture each individual track. So, essentially, you’ll be able to edit in post without needing to connect to a PC while recording.

After you’ve turned on Multitracking to microSD, what you record will be saved to your microSD card as a polyWAV file. The files will contain each individual channel form the RØDECaster Pro as a separate track. It will also contain the complete stereo mix.

You will, however, need a DAW that supports polyWAV files to open them. Don’t sweat though. Most DAWs will support polyWAV, but more basic audio editors won’t be able to completely open the file. You may only have access to the first track out of the fourteen tracks in the file.

There are file size limits to WAV files. You aren’t likely to reach it, but if you do, the RØDECaster Pro will automatically continue the recording in a new file. This means you’ll have to stitch together the files in your DAW.

The individual track outputs are recorded pre-fader, so the faders on the RØDECaster will not affect the multitrack recording. Mute buttons won’t affect the multitracking either. Also, when you are recording to USB, you can record the multichannel tracks without any effect or processing.

The companion app is getting an update, too

The RØDECaster Pro’s companion app is becoming more user-friendly for handling multitrack files. As we mentioned before, not all DAWs can support polyWAVs. A new feature in the companion app for PC and Mac can convert the polyWav file to separate WAVs.

If your recording was recorded in stereo mode, the companion app will transfer the file to your computer. If the recording was recorded in multichannel mode, the app will split out each individual track into its own WAV file. The app will also automatically stitch together any long recordings that have been split into multiple polyWAV files.

Pause mode and updated color-coding on the record button

Also, now the RØDECaster Pro can pause a recording at any time by holding the record button for two seconds. To resume the recording, you just need to press the button. RØDE also updated the color-coding on the record button. Green means it is ready to record. Red means recording. Flashing amber means it is paused.

RØDECaster Pro REC button
The record button’s colors have been revamped. Image courtesy RØDE.


The RØDECaster Pro 1.2.0 update is out now. You can download the new firmware here.

Image courtesy RØDE

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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