Swift M1 and P1, two new smartphone gimbals, out now

Sirui is launching its Swift M1 and Swift P1 mobile smartphone and DLSR camera gimbals. It’s a new series of gimbal for the company and believe it will be great for on the go creator.

While the gimbal does support DSLR cameras, it isn’t hard to see that Sirui is pushing the Swift M1 as a smartphone gimbal. In the press release, Sirui says “Cameras. With the advancement of mobile photography technology and increasing popularity in video recording, the Swift M1 provides easy access to creative features.” Sirui acknowledges the growing popularity of using smartphones for video recording. As for the P1, it seems to be a more rounded gimbal with a higher load capacity.

Swift M1

The Swift M1 as we said above, can be used with can be folded up, making it easier to transport. It is important for it to be portable for a smartphone gimbal. It seems it has that covered. Also, the gimbal is able to pan 90°/180°/360° and can capture a 3×3 ultra-wide-angle panoramic shot.

Sirui Swift M1 smartphone gimbal

Additionally, you can use the gimbal’s Path Lapse. It will pan automatically vary scenes based on light and shadow. There’s also Active Track. You can use automatic facial tracking with its AI Algorithms. The gimbal will frame the object manually and works to keep the subject in the center of the frame in real-time during shooting.

Swift M1 smartphone gimbal overview

  • Battery: 6 hours
  • Max load capacity: 300g/0.66lbs
  • Weight: 498g/1.1lbs
  • Tilting range: 330°
  • Rolling range: 160°
  • Panning range: 330°

Swift P1

Powered by a dual stabilization system, the P1 looks to offer “smooth” stabilization with AI Algorithms, according to Sirui. Basically, the P1 is multiple gimbals in one. While a smartphone gimbal, it can also hold Mirrorless cameras, action cameras, and card cameras. In total it can hold up to 1.98 lbs. You can tilt and pan with its analog stick. Additionally, you can use an auxiliary wheel dial, shutter button, focus button, and motor force switch.

Sirui Swift P1


  • Battery: 9 hours
  • Max load capacity: 900g/1.98lbs
  • Weight: 800g/1.76lbs
  • Tilting range: 330°
  • Rolling range: 160°
  • Panning range: 620°

Prince and availability

You can get the smartphone gimbal M1 gimbal for $99. As for the P1, you can purchase it for $199.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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