Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 is solid editing software

We here at Videomaker want to congratulate Magix, again, for taking our Editor’s Choice for the “Best Enthusiast Audio Editing Software” with its Sound Forge Audio Studio 14.

Editor's Choice Award

There’s a lot to love about the new and improved Sound Forge Audio Studio 14. While its predecessor, Sound Forge Audio Studio 13, held the title, the 14 version improves on what 13 layed down. Though many of you might not have heard of Sound Forge, it’s been around for a long time: 25 years. To give you a quick rundown of what the software offers, it has features like audio restoration tools, time stretch and pitch manipulation, all very usual for any video editor.

Other super-handy features

Not only does Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 offer one-touch recording, but it also includes a spectrum analysis tool and a new Event Tool. The Event Tool should make it easier to edit and offer a much more flexible editing experience for all users.

The software’s interface is also fully adjustable. You can select between four different hues to change the entire interface to fit your needs. The hues include Dark, Medium, Light and White. It also opens up the potential to change the interface based on the time of day you’re editing. We know for many, a bright white interface in the pitch dark often results in massive eyestrain.

What makes Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 great

One of the strengths we found in Audio Studio 14 is its 5.1 surround sound support. It supports FLAC and AAC formats and up to six audio channels per project. That allows you to edit in full 5.1 surround sound.

What’s also great about the software is its price. Considering what it can do and the prices of its competitors, Audio Studio 14 offers quite a lot for your dollar. You can also own a copy of the software, unlike with Adobe. You can buy Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 for $60 or you can opt for a $5 per month subscription to Sound Forge Audio Studio 365.

So for all these reasons, Sound Forge Audio Studio 14 is our Editor’s Choice for the Best Enthusiast Audio Software currently on the market.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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