SmallHD announces Cine and Vision 4K HDR field monitors

SmallHD has just announced two new series in its field monitor portfolio. The company introduced the 4K Vision and Cine Series monitors.

Each of the new lines features three models. The Vision and Cine series feature 13,17, and 24-inch field monitors. SmallHD said that these models have the “latest on-set display technology” that “cinematographers have been waiting for.”

While the Vision series doubles down on 4K HDR viewing, the Cine series aims to be a 4K high-bright display.

Vision series

According to SmallHD, the Vision Series represents the “next evolution” of on set display technology for HDR cinematography. It sports a 2000+ zone local dimming array. “Vision is making the future of HDR viewing a reality,” said SmallHD.

Vision Series rundown

  • HDR viewing with 1000000:1 contrast ratio
  • Proprietary 2000+ zone local dimming array
  • 122 percent DCI P3 coverage
  • 4x independent 12G-SDI inputs

Cine Series

SmallHD Cine Series
SmallHD Cine Series

Just like the Vision series, the Cine Series features rugged 4K monitors. They offer up to 2500 nits of brightness. All three monitors in the series (the Cine 13, 17, and 24) features edge-lit LEF panels. Additionally, the monitors hit 100% of the DCI P3 color gamut.

Cine Series rundown

  • Daylight viewable with 1000 and 2500 nit panels
  • 100 percent DCI P3 wide color gamut
  • 13, 17, 24 inch models
  • 4x independent 12G-SDI inputs

Cine and Vision Series’ pricing and availability

Currently, we don’t have specific price ranges or release dates for the Vision or Cine Series monitors. We know that both will be out in Q1 in 2020. SmallHD additionally said that the Vision Series will offer 4K HDR at a “competitive price point.” So, the Vision Series might be less expensive than the Cine Series. We just have to wait for more information. You can sign up for updates about the series as they come out on SmallHD’s website.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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