Seagate shows off IronWolf 110, world’s first SSD for NAS, at CES 2019

Seagate is making history at CES 2019. The company has built the first ever SSD for NAS systems. That SSD is the IronWolf 110.

The IronWolf 110 comes in strong with 240GB to 3.84 TB of capacity. Each of the drives come with AgileArray firmware that will, according to Seagate “keep your NAS enclosure Maximised for demanding 24×7 and multi-user environments.” It can also be used in an all-flash array or in a NAS capable of tiered caching.

First SSD for NAS

The IronWolf 110 is the first purpose-built NAS SSD, bringing remote access to the next level. Utilizing this setup, photographers and videographers can upload and download their work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Game changers in the workforce

All-flash array devices can sustain data rates up to 560MB/s. So if you’re an editor working with high workloads, Seagate believes the IronWolf 110 SSD can handle the heat.

“If you are a creative professional who urgently needs assets for editing or works in a high workload multi-user environment, IronWolf 110 SSD performance is there when you need it,” says Seagate.

Ironwolf 110
IronWolf 110

Creative professionals can also share a massive portfolio of work with clients and their teams. This is literally a complete game changer when it comes to collaboration, deadlines, and sales. And with NAS, it can also act as critical remote backup for teams during an emergency, such as a fire, flood, or burglary.


IronWolf 110 will be available in February 2019 and comes with a 2-year data recovery service and a 5-year limited warranty. To learn more, go to

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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