Rhino adds automatic face tracking to the Arc II

Rhino’s compact 4-axis motorized pan/tilt/focus head, the Arc II, is getting a major update. Now, the head can automatically track your face during filming.

The new feature is set to help many one-man-band filmmakers and online content creators. The Arc II will track whoever is in front of the camera while filming. All that needs to be done before-hand is the framing. Once you get that done, you can hit record and start filming.

Take a look for yourself in Rhino’s promotional video for the feature:

How does the new Arc II feature work?

You may be wondering how the feature works. The Automatic Face Tracking feature relies on your phone. You have to mount your phone to the top of your camera. After that, the Arc II is able to track subjects. It will automatically track your movements and keep you in frame. Rhino says it’ll work with any camera and lens.

Additionally, with your phone, you can change the framing, tracking speed, and loop the slider.

Rhino's automatic face tracking feature for the Arc II in use
The system uses your smartphone to track the subject. Image courtesy Rhino.

No need to hire a camera operator

Arc II’s Automatic Face Tracking feature opens up so many possibilities for small creators. It should allow them to capture much more professional-looking video. And not only that, it allows them much more movement and interaction in the environments without needing a camera operator.

“No need to hire a second shooter anymore for your YouTube content,” says Rhino. “Film yourself just by walking into the frame. Arc II does the rest. You can even set the tracking speed to dial in the look of your shot.”

Pricing and availability

You can pre-order the RHINO ARC II right now for $1,400. It’ll begin shipping this July.

Image courtesy Rhino

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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