SIGMA 56mm F1.4 DC DN (bottom), SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN (right), and SIGMA 16mm F1.4 DC DN (left)

Today, Sigma has announced plans to launch interchangeable lenses for Canon EF-M mount digital cameras with APS-C image sensors.

These lenses will “gradually” be released into the Contemporary line, according to Sigma. Sigma is looking to have the lenses work well with the EF-M mount AF. “The new Canon EF-M mount models will feature a newly and exclusively developed control algorithm that optimizes the autofocus drive and maximizes the data transmission speed,” says Sigma. Sigma goes onto say these lenses will be compatible with Servo AF and lens aberration correction.

The lineup of the Contemporary line will feature three prime lenses: 16mm, 30mm, and 56mm. According to Sigma, the lenses will retain their “compact, lightweight and outstanding image quality,” when transferring over to EF-M mount.

Compatible with the Canon cameras

Sigma has designed these lenses based on the capabilities of the camera body function to correct peripheral light amount and distortion. Plus, Sigma says they will be compact and lightweight.

These lenses will be compatible with in-camera aberration correction, which includes corrections for peripheral illumination, chromatic aberrations and distortion.


The Sigma interchangeable EF-M mount lenses combine an optical design for video AF and a stepping motor. Together, they should allow for “smooth” and “quiet” autofocus” according to Sigma. The lenses are also compatible with the camera’s Face and Tracking AF.

Available mount conversion service

Sigma is offering a service that will convert the mount of Sigma lenses to different camera bodies. This way you can use the lenses you like to use. You can apply for the service by contacting your nearest authorized Sigma subsidiary or distributor.

If you want to learn more about the new lenses that Sigma is adding into their Contemporary line of lenses, you can head to Sigma’s official website.


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