NABWeek 2020: LumaFusion XML Export opens workflow options

Recently, LumaFusion announced that its platform would add support for XML export to Apple Final Cut Pro X. This in turn opens up editors workflows.

LumaFusion is an iOS editing app for mobile filmmakers, journalists, pro editors, and online YouTube creators. With the XML Export feature, this will allows uses to extend their LumaFusion timeline right into desktop editing with FCPX. This allows creators to work both on the go and at home. They have the flexibility to edit on set or develop later at home.

How do you export the timeline?

To export a timeline from LumaFusion to FCPX, you hit the Share/Export menu and select “XML Project Package.” The menu will allow you to select a target location for media. You then select whether or not you want to include media in the project package. After that, you hit “export.” A .zip file is packaged and sent to the destination of your choice. It will then be ready to be opened directly in FCPX.

LumaFusion key features

There is a lot to the LumaFusion app. According to the company, the app has “earned its reputation among content creators, filmmakers, and professional editors alike due to its extensive feature set.” Let’s take a look at what those features are:

  • 12 tracks (6 video/audio tracks and 6 additional audio tracks) with support for 4K video in real-time;
  • Timeline overview: see your whole project and jump to any location in your edit with a single touch
  • Customize Library, import sources and export destinations (such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive), to view only the most used locations
  • LumaFusion includes keyframing, LUT support, effect layering and effect reordering
  • Create multilayer titles with shapes, images, text layers, and animate titles by adding keyframed effects
  • Support for HEVC files with Alpha
  • Advanced layered effects using blend modes on any clip, and any layer
  • External Display: View your video on the large screen, and get more room for your timeline and library with a variety of UI layouts

Pricing and availability

You can get LumaFusion now in the App Store for $29.

Image courtesy: LumaFusion

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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