NAB 2019: Sigma MC-21 wins Best Camera Accessory

Congratulations to Sigma for winning Videomaker’s Best Camera Accessory award at this year’s NAB with their MC-21 L-mount converter.

What the MC-21 mount converter does is it allows Sigma’s SA mount and EF mount interchangeable lenses to be mounted onto L-mount cameras. So if you have a Sigma SA and Canon EF mount lens and you really wish you could use it with your L-mount cameras, the MC-21 is for you.

Sigma MC-21 mount converter. Image courtesy
Sigma MC-21 mount converter. Image courtesy Sigma.

EF-mount lenses can work with L-mount mirrorless camera bodies

While still maintaining the lens’ full performance, the MC-21 allows Sigma EF-mount lenses to work on Leica L-mount mirrorless cameras, including Panasonic’s new LUMIX S1 and S1R. You won’t lose performance in autofocus in AD-S mode or auto exposure, nor will you miss out on in-camera correction and image stabilization performance.

An integrated LED can be used to display Sigma lens compatibility and the adapted camera body. The adapter also has preloaded lens data to support peripheral illumination, chromatic aberration, and distortion corrective functions. A removable tripod mount is also included for more stable mounting when you’re working with a heavier lens.

MC-21 mount converter overview

  • SA-Mount Lens to L-Mount Body
  • Integrated LED Displays Compatibility
  • Maintains Autofocus and Auto-Exposure
  • Supports In-Camera Correction Features
  • Flocked Interior Reduces Reflections
  • Removable Tripod Mount
  • Retains EXIF Data

So, congratulations again to Sigma for winning Videomaker’s Best Camera Accessory award at NAB 2019 with the MC-21 mount converter. The MC-21 is available for $249. Learn more at Sigma’s online shop.

Image courtesy Sigma

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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