Litepanels releases one of the smallest light its ever made

Litepanels released a new generation of Lykos Mini LED lights. The Lykos+ Mini LED kicks of the new generation. Litepanels claims the Lykos+ is “one of the smallest in the Litepanels range,” but is still brighter than the previous generation.

Lykos+ Mini LED light overview

Smaller and brighter, the Lykos+ Mini LED features an output 40% brighter than the past generation. It delivers 2000 lux at 3 feet of white light. The color temperature ranges from 3200-5600K. You control the brightness and color temperature with two dials through the SmartLite Director iOS app. Furthermore, the Lykos+ Mini LED incorporates the same LED and lensing technology in the Astra 1×1 panels. It offers a CRI of 96.

“The quality of light from our Astra panels has made them the industry standard for studios and news crews,” said Michael Herbert, product manager, Litepanels. “Now, with the introduction of Lykos+, that same broadcast-quality level of light is available in one of our smallest, most portable fixtures.”


Due to its small size, the Lykos Mini LED lends itself to remote locations and tight spaces. In total, its fixture provides over two hours of battery light. The built-in L-series/NPF battery mount powers the whole system.

You can either mount the or use it as a hand-held source. It comes with a handgrip, so it’s easier to hold.

“Stand mounted, taped or tied, Lykos+ is designed to integrate easily into any lighting scene,” Litepanels says.

Pricing and availability

The Lykos+ is out now for about $450.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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