Manfrotto LYKOS BiColor portable LED light panel
Manfrotto has announced the launch of the LYKOS portable LED light panel with new surface mounted LED technology. 
The LYKOS is a portable and compact LED light with a maximum output of 1600 lux at 1m and is available in Daylight and BiColor versions. The LYKOS Daylight is centered at 5600K while the LYKOS BiColor has the option to change the color temperature from warm white (3000K) to cold white (5600K) and has a color LCD display on the back of the unit to allow  monitoring of the functions. Both lights are dimmable from 0%-100%.
The LYKOS LED lights have a stated color rendering index (CRI) >93 and Manfrotto claims the new generation surface-mount technology will ensure long LED life, energy efficiency, consistent color reproduction and flicker-free functionality. 
The lights can be powered with L-Type Li-ion batteries or through the AC adaptor, included. In addition the LYKOS LED lights come with a ball head and gel diffuser with the daylight version also including CTO filters.
An optional Bluetooth dongle permits remote control of the LYKOS LED lights through a downloadable iPhone app or via Manfrotto’s own Digital Director app. The apps can be used to switch the lights on or off, control dimming and recall previously stored scene settings. For the BiColor version of the light, the app can also regulate color temperature regulation with Manfrotto promising additional features will be implemented in the future. 
An additional optional accessory is the Manfrotto LYKOS Softbox, which can be used in combination with lights to soften the shadows. It can be set up without the need for tools and uses a diffuser film designed for LED Lighting, which reduces the light output by only 1.3 f-stops.
Prices start from $450 for the LYKOS LED lights, $50 for the softbox and $100 for the LYKOS Bluetooth dongle.
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