iZotope acquires Exponential Audio

iZotope, an audio tech company for audio recording, mixing and mastering, has announced it’s acquired Exponential Audio, a digital reverb operation.

Exponential Audio’s reverb plug-ins, such as R4, PhoenixVerb Surround and Symphony, have been instrumental in helping audio pros do the work they’re doing in music and audio post production.

“Exponential Audio reverb plug-ins help audio engineers quickly and easily bring character to musical performances, fit dialogue into scenes, mix in immersive audio formats, and create never-before-heard sound effects,” said iZotope.

New possibilities for sound

iZotope acquiring Exponential Audio opens up many new and exciting possibilities in the audio industry.

“These two companies, iZotope and Exponential Audio, joining forces is a marriage made in heaven!” says Alan Meyerson, GRAMMY Award-winner, and Score Mixer for Dunkirk, Aquaman, and Pirates of the Caribbean. “These are two of the best companies. I use each of their products in every mix. Both companies are doing some really innovative stuff working in surround, and it’s a perfect combination.”

In the announcement, iZotope says that the two company’s future together has vast potential.

“By combining forces with iZotope I know the potential for future innovation is vast,” says Carnes “I am eager to bring Exponential Audio’s expertise, technology, and values to iZotope, and I’m excited to imagine what we can deliver together for our customers.”

Also, for now iZotope.com will sell all of the company’s products.

Exponential Audio founder Michael Carnes is joining the iZotope team

Exponential Audio’s founder Michael Carnes is joining the iZotope team as a Research Fellow. His experience is priceless. Being the creators of Lexicon’s 960L, the PMC96, and the Lexicon plug-ins, he can add much to the team.

Image courtesy iZotope

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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