Irix 11mm T4.3 cine lens is an extremely unique lens

Irix is adding the second full frame lens from its new cinematography line. The new lens is a unique 11mm T4.3 Full Frame Cine lens.

This lens will have an extremely short focal length, rectilinear image projection, and an image circle of 43.3mm, which covers the full frame sensor format. Irix also says the lens can offer a moderate wide angle of view for classic wide-angle shots or a super-panoramic 123-degree viewing angle in a 2.39:1 widescreen format.

From our first impressions, there’s really nothing like this lens on the market. The fact that Irix, a company that isn’t widely known, is making an 11mm Cine lens is exciting.

Optics of the 11mm T4.3

The lens’ optical system is based on a new optical formula that’s been made specifically for cinematic purposes. Inside the lens, there are 16 optical elements. Four of those elements are made out of high refractive index glass. Three others have aspherical surfaces and the last two are made with low-dispersion glass.

11mm T4.3 claims to handle 8K video

Irix says the 11mm T4.3 can provide “crisp cinematic shots” that reach resolutions up to 8K while keeping the focus breathing at a very low level. The maximum T number the lens offers reaches 4.3; however, it can be reduced to T22.

IRIX 11mm T3.4 back shot
There nothing quite like the 11mm T4.3 on the market


The 11mm T4.3’s Multi Start Thread focusing mechanism should allow for “quiet and precise focusing even under adverse weather conditions,” according to Irix. Those conditions include rain, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Additionally, its focusing ring rotates 180 degrees. And depending on the version, it could have a focusing scale with metric or imperial markings. While there’s a very short optical system, the geared ring of focus and aperture have been placed at the same height as the other Irix Cine lenses.

Build and durability

With an “extremely compact design,” according to Irix, the lens weighs 2.425lb. It’s equipped with a Magnetic Mount System. This system should allow you to swap out attachments fairly quickly.

The 11mm T4.3 is built out of magnesium housing with numerous internal rubber seals. Irix says its build will keep the camera sensor safe “in all weather conditions.”

Works in accordance with film industry standards

The lens has a front flange with a diameter of 95mm and geared rings in the Mod 0.8 standard. This should make it compatible with most cine gear accessories.

Irix 11mm T3.4 side shot
The lens will be offered in Canon EF, Sony E, MFT and Arri PL lens mount

Pricing and availability

The Irix Cine 11MM T4.3 will be offered in Canon EF, Sony E, MFT and Arri PL lens mount. Its pricing and release date will be announced soon. Check for updates.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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