Huawei P40 Pro+ comes out sporting a five lens camera

The new P40 Pro+ may very well be the “most professional smartphone camera system ever,” at least according to Huawei, the phones’ developer.

The most notable feature for this phone is, without a doubt, its camera, which boasts a five lens camera with a 100x zoom capability. The camera is a key selling feature for the phone, making it comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the phone doesn’t contain Google apps because of US trade restrictions.

Camera specs

Let’s take a close look that the phone’s main feature: its “Ultra Vision” Leica camera. It features a 1/1.28-inch sensor and combines pixels to a size of 2.44μm. As for the camera’s primary sensor, it supports Full Pixel Octa PD AutoFocus and an RYYB color filter. Additionally, Huawei claims the camera’s focus works in a variety of lighting conditions.


According to Huawei, the P40 Pro+ has “the best image stabilization ever on a HUAWEI P Series device.” This stabilization is a result of the phone’s two telephoto cameras for 3x and 10x optical zoom and 100x maximum digital zoom capability. Also, the image stabilization is AI-assisted.

Video shooting

So, we keep talking about the camera. Now let’s talk about the phone’s video shooting capabilities. Huawei says the P40 Pro+ will shoot superior video with a “40MP Ultra-Wide Cine Camera.” Its camera should be capable of shooting HDR video, 4K time-lapses and “Ultra Slow Motion” videos. Additionally, Huawei says the camera will be capable of shooting quality video in low-light conditions.

Furthermore, Directional Audio Zoom is also featured on the P40 Pro+. This feature allows users to zoom in on an audio source and amplify the sound in the recording.

Pricing and availability

The Huawei P40 Pro+ will be out in western Europe on June 25th. Its price will run for €1,399. That is just over $1,500 when converted to US currency. Note Huawei and other carriers don’t officially sell Huawei phones in the US.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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