Here are the 3 main features of the new Loupedeck Live UI

Loupedeck, a popular video/photo editing console, is a popular choice amongst many pro livestreamers. In a new update, Loupedeck (the company) wants to make it more accessible to beginners.

According to Loupedeck, the new UI simplifies the entire user experience making it more intuitive for beginners. Advanced streamers don’t need to worry, though. They’ll still have access to the console’s Classic UI, which features more in-depth customization and features.

Let’s take a look at what the new UI has to offer:

Simplified Loupedeck Live profile

In the new UI, the profile isn’t linked to a specific application. Now, it’s centralized — making it easier for users to access plug-ins and the Action panel. Speaking of the Action panel, it now includes icons for every plug-in and filtering tab. This will make locating actions in the panel much quicker. These changes should make a difference in the overall user experience. Since actions are accessible in one location, you won’t have to switch between profiles during streams — making the process much more intuitive for beginners and pros.

Loupedeck Live update
Image courtesy: Loupedeck

Assign a custom action to one of Loupedeck’s touchbutton

While the simplified UI interface doesn’t offer as much customization as the Classic UI, you can still assign custom actions to one of the console’s touchbutton (the round buttons found to the left and right of the touchscreen). The touchbuttons allow you to access fixed pages — where you can assign actions from the Action Panel or assign custom actions.

Classic UI option is still available

If you would instead work with a more advanced UI or want to stick with the current UI, you can. The Classic UI is still accessible after the update. So, if you want more advanced functionality, you can opt for the Classic UI.

Loupedeck plans to release a full version of the UI as well. This version will have a more advanced profile and functionality than the Classic UI. It’ll offer support for all of Loupedeck’s supported plug-ins. Expect this version to release later this year.


You can download the software update on the Loupedeck website.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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